• singapore


    Singapore is the fifth wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP and per capita income. Unemployment rate in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world. With a dynamic and high-spirited life and
  • japan


    Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with high-rise-filled cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Tokyo, the crowded capital, is known for its neon skyscrapers
  • philipins


    The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, comprising more than 7,000 islands. Its sprawling capital, Manila, is famous for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown.
  • uk

    Czech Republic

    If you are to gain an admission as a UK postgraduate student, the work you do will be on your own initiative, which really develops your lateral thinking and research skills. The postgraduate tutors and lecturers
  • usa


    The United States is the premiere destination for international students from all over the world. The main advantages of higher education in USA are as follows:
  • canda


    In Canada, there are publicly funded and private schools including community university s/ technical institutes, career colleges, language schools, secondary schools,
  • newzeland

    New zealand

    There are many private training establishments (PTEs) in New Zealand. They often specialise in a particular area of education like business or tourism. PTEs are run as private businesses
  • australia


    In 2000, Australia introduced the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000. ESOS ensures that, in order to enrol international students, institutions must first meet requirements for registration.