ICCC is a renowned Test Preparation Center that caters for both students and business individuals. Our trainings are intensive and tailored to individual needs. Our trainers are professionals who make training lively with fun and ensure swift progress to achieve top scores in the test.

Here the students learn in small group with a maximum of 15 per class, supported by modern technology and teaching methods


TOEFL is administered by ETS and is a major requirement for non-native speakers of English who wish to pursue their higher studies in the US and some other English-speaking countries. TOEFL test is administered by different test centers as authorized by the ETS. Education Asia guides the students aspiring to pursue studies in the English medium universities and the colleges. Education Asia offers different versions of the TOEFL Test such as iBT (internet Based Test) and PBT (Paper Based Test). TOEFL is a six-week course two hours a day including the instruction and the lab work at Education Asia. Education Asia’s faculty closely mentor and facilitate the learning and the lab work of the students so that they get acquainted with the techniques and tactics to do excellent in the real test. Education Asia also helps the students to register for the TOEFL Test including selection of Institutions for their higher studies abroad.


The IELTS tests the student’ English proficiency in the four areas of English language; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking with a band score of 0 to 9 for each module. The purpose of the IELTS TEST is to evaluate the English proficiency of non-native speakers of English who wish to study in the colleges & universities of English speaking countries.
IELTS is a six-week course at ICCC . Classes are conducted two hours a day Monday through Friday. IELTS is administered by British Council and IDP Australia and even the test is scored here within the span of three weeks. Thus, ICCC helps the students to prepare for the test, register for the test, and appear for the test. The part of the preparation of the test is vital among the three. This part involves the individualized mentoring by the test faculty, simulation tests and providing comment and feedback to students’ writing


The New SAT is scored on a scale of 200- 800 (for math, reading and writing) amounting to a total score of 2400 and is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. The test is offered several times a year. ICCC caters to the need of undergraduate students preparing the N-SAT test for scholarships in the American Institutions. English and the Math sections of this test measures the reasoning skills of the students. Two different Instructors address the need of the students in the two sections so that the students get solution to every query. The institute helps them in the materialization of the students’ aspiration to do excellent in the test including the surety of the students’ access to all the online and library resources