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    Preparation Classes

    ICCC is a renowned Test Preparation Center that caters for both students and business individuals. Our trainings are intensive and tailored to individual needs. Our trainers are professionals who make training lively with fun and ensure swift progress to achieve top scores in the test.

    Here the students learn in small group with a

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    IELTS Practice


    The IELTS tests the student’ English proficiency in the four areas of English language; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking with a band score of 0 to 9 for each module. The purpose of the IELTS TEST is to evaluate the English proficiency of non-native speakers of English who wish to stu

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    Study Abroad

    1.Career Counseling

    2.Choosing the right course in the right university

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    Career Counselling


    The department of Abroad Study at ICCC provides counseling to the qualified and interested Nepalese students to pursue their higher studies in different internationally recognized and

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    Documentation Guide

    Once we received the admission letters from the college/university, our counselors call the students or their guardians for preparation of different documents which are required by the embassy of a country to issue a student visa. O

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    Scholarships are grants of money to help pay for the cost for your study. Scholarships and grants are available from educational institutions, AusAid, NGO’s and local governments among others. Through gaining a scholarship students can finance their education in an inexpensive way. Scholarships are highly co

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    Accomodation Assistance

    Migration Services

    People looking to migrate abroad will also be provided migration services. Counseling regarding the destination country will be provided by trained counselors who have

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    Education Loan

    Education Loan 

    Are you wondering  about your  budget for your abroad education ? At ICCC, our counselor will provide you details information about Education Load available in Nepal Banks, Processes, Interest Rate & Procedures. 

    Yes ! No matter where do you choose to study Canada, Aus, USA or Europe, Educatio